Bridge to Faith

Medical Supplies

Donating to medical supplies will benefit the HIV/AIDS clinics, the medical center, and fund a nurse for the medical center. It will allow the HIV/AIDS clinics to provide free medicine, counseling and food for patients who are often ostracized by their family and friends.

In addition, it will support medical and dental camps held in local villages. The types of services these camps provide vary based on the needs of the people. For example, a Medical Camp was held to fix cleft lips. Over 50 people were treated over 7 days.

This donation will assist the medical center in the supplies needed and pay for a nurse at the medical center, which will benefit the school and the local village.

$12,500 per year is needed to operate an HIV/AIDS Clinic (one existing; one to be built).

$17,050 per year is needed to operate the Medical Center.

$6,900 per year is needed to provide a nurse for the Medical Center.

$11,820 per year is needed for operating medical and dental camps in the villages.