Bridge to Faith


According to AIDS Health Organization, 2.1 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in India. There is little access to HIV testing and not many AIDS clinics. Poverty, illiteracy, and superstitious beliefs, coupled with loose living and lack of basic health care and hygiene contribute to the spread of this disease.

This disease is making rapid strides, especially in the rural and backward areas of the Telangana region, where the people have little knowledge of the disease and prevention. Those afflicted are not willing to admit infection for fear of being treated as outcasts. Therefore, they keep on spreading the disease without realizing the destruction.

Harvest Ministries has set up a HIV/AIDS Clinic providing services to women. In addition to sharing the everlasting hope of Christ Jesus, we provide free medicine, counseling and food.

$11,400 will build a new clinic in Gililla where this is currently no medical care

$4,550 will build a much needed addition to the existing clinic